Spiral Dough Mixer

Ezy, a prominent brand in kitchen appliances, sought to enhance its product line with a new Spiral Dough Mixer. In the pursuit of innovation, the client engaged our Reverse Engineering service to study competitor models and create conceptual sketches for the product design.


Designing a revolutionary Spiral Dough Mixer by studying competitor models and developing conceptual sketches to enhance Ezy’s product line.

Research and Analysis

Our team initiated a thorough analysis of competitor models, exploring features, functionalities, and design elements. The goal was to identify areas for improvement and innovation, laying the foundation for the conceptual design phase.

Competition Benchmarking and Product Inspiration

Concept Thumbnails

Finalized Detailed Concept Sketches

Finalized Detailed 2D Renders


  • Innovative Design Elements: The conceptual design introduced innovative features, optimizing the functionality of the Spiral Dough Mixer and enhancing user experience.
  • Competitive Edge: By studying and surpassing competitor models, the conceptual sketches positioned Ezy’s product as a leader in the market, offering a unique blend of design and functionality.
  • Client Collaboration: Engaging in a collaborative process with Ezy, the conceptual design phase ensured that client preferences and expectations were seamlessly integrated into the final design.

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