Honest Ice Creams

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Honest Ice Creams, a distinguished brand specializing in pure vanilla delights, sources its vanilla from different countries, each offering a unique flavor profile. With a commitment to showcasing the distinct characteristics of vanilla from various regions, Honest Ice Creams focuses on delivering an unparalleled, high-end vanilla experience.


Honest Ice Creams faced the challenge of visually articulating the journey of their flavored ice creams. The diverse flavor profiles sourced from different countries needed a packaging design that could communicate the essence of each origin.

Research and Analysis

Our team delved into extensive user research, meticulously analyzing feedback, user journeys, and benchmarks set by competitors. The findings highlighted issues such as confusing navigation, lack of personalization, and outdated visual elements.

Illustration and Story

Font Selections

Color Schemes


In addressing the packaging challenge for Honest Ice Cream, we envisioned a design that would create a memorable and immersive experience, reflecting the brand’s commitment to authenticity. Our concept centered around illustrating the journey from vanilla farms to the final scoop, emphasizing the freshness and purity of the product.

The chosen color palette and typography aimed to convey a sense of minimalism while exuding a premium quality feel. The overall modern yet authentic look and feel contribute to a brand experience that resonates with richness and sophistication.


  • Brand Storytelling: The packaging design effectively tells the story of Honest Ice Creams, connecting consumers with the origins of the vanilla farms and instilling trust and empathy towards the product.
  • Minimalistic Premium Image: The color and typography choices established a minimal yet premium product image, aligning with the brand’s ethos of delivering high-quality vanilla experiences.
  • Enhanced Brand Experience: The overall design successfully modernized the brand while maintaining authenticity, enriching the overall brand experience for Honest Ice Creams.

This case study showcases our commitment to creating packaging designs that not only address specific challenges but also elevate the brand narrative and user experience.

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